Cotton threads. Smooth and soft to touch, yet with great strength for stitching your purse frames and bag handles. Coats Cotton Quality by Nature. PatchLane's Three Ply Thread. Yarn Dyed Fabrics. See the different and feel the quality of your bags creations when you use the finest Japaneses yarn dyed and printed fabrics. Make Handbag. One stop for all your bag making tools and accssories. Bag Handles, Buckles, Clips, Eyelets, Buttons, Hooks. Clover. Olfa, PatchLane's Tools, Jesse James's Dress it Up. Fastener. Quality zipper differential your product creations from the rest and reliable zip ensures peace of mind to your customers. YKK Corporation Purse Frames. Skillfully crafted in Taiwan with frame that is gentle to your hand. Chromed and thus resistant to corrosion, discoloration and ensure lasting usage. PatchLane's Purse Frames. Contact. Get in touch with us if you wish to start making your own bags, you are bag making instructor looking for studnets, you are bags makers that wish to distribute your products, you are the retail shop looking for bag fabrics, tools and accessories suppliers.
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