Cotton threads. Smooth and soft to touch, yet with great strength for stitching your purse frames and bag handles. Coats Cotton Quality by Nature. PatchLane's Three Ply Thread. Yarn Dyed Fabrics. See the different and feel the quality of your bags creations when you use the finest Japaneses yarn dyed and printed fabrics. Make Handbag. One stop for all your bag making tools and accssories. Bag Handles, Buckles, Clips, Eyelets, Buttons, Hooks. Clover. Olfa, PatchLane's Tools, Jesse James's Dress it Up. Fastener. Quality zipper differential your product creations from the rest and reliable zip ensures peace of mind to your customers. YKK Corporation Purse Frames. Skillfully crafted in Taiwan with frame that is gentle to your hand. Chromed and thus resistant to corrosion, discoloration and ensure lasting usage. PatchLane's Purse Frames. Contact. Get in touch with us if you wish to start making your own bags, you are bag making instructor looking for studnets, you are bags makers that wish to distribute your products, you are the retail shop looking for bag fabrics, tools and accessories suppliers.
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New and Featured

  • Blossom flower snap button (6 colors)


    Blossom Flower Snap Button (Red)

  • Magnetic snap button (Antique Gold 10 mm) front


    Magnetic Snap Button (10 mm)

  • Handle Hook (25 mm)


    Handle Hook (25 mm)

  • Oval eyelet front


    Oval Eyelet

  • Zip Closure (Brown)


    Zip Closure (Brown)

  • Daiwabo Dear Grace Collection Vol 5


    Daiwabo Dear Grace Collection Vol 5


  • Bag Handle
    Bag Handles with many Color and Design Options

    Now you can make your own handbag easily, either is a shoulder bags, tote bags, hobos bags, or sling bags. The PatchLane offered premium quality leather or leather like material with soft and gentle finishing. The handle is skillfully sewed at 8 switches per inch to ensure durability and beauty. More than 20 patterns to choose from for your bag design. The handles comes in 3 different sizes and 25 colors to match your design. Custom made-to-order handle with minimum order is accepted. more»

  • Purse frame
    Premium Quality Purse Frame

    Do it yourself frame for purse and bag. Make a different for your coin purse, clutch purse, wrist bag and cases design with our quality frame. Our frame is individually handmade by skillful craftman in Taiwan. The finishing is smooth and gentle to your hands. The external frame is chromed thus resistant to corrosion, discoloration and ensure lasting usage. The lock tightness can be adjusted to your preferences using a household plier. more»

  • Multicolored waxed cotton cord
    Single and Multicolor Premium Waxed Cotton Cord

    Our cord is made from thick 100% cotton that has been slightly waxed that can resulted a stunning design on your patchwork bags, bracelets, necklaces, braided bag handles, jewelry making and other crafting projects. It has vibrant colors that look fabulous and yet feel so soft against the skin. The cord texture is slightly rigid when new and softens after sometime to ensure a long lasting usage. more»

  • YKK Corp metal zip
    YKK Japan Metal Zipper

    The YKK Zipper is a trusted product for more than 70 years, its metal element is durable and will only get smoother each time you use it. Our slider is imported from Japan and give the user a secure feeling everytime she hold it to fastern the bag. We carried more than 15 difference zip sizes for all your purse or bag making needs. Our sizes is from as short as 10cm and as long as up to 48cm. We also stock all the favoriate tape color to match your bag design. If you still don't find the right zip for your need, be sure to contact our sales representative to custom order for you. more»

  • Threads for Patchwork, quilting, purse frame and bag handle
    Threads with Strength and Durability

    Our thread has the natural beauty with slightly glossy shine that is smooth and soft to touch. The thread is flexible and yet has great stregth for attaching leather handle for making handbag, stitching purse frame and patchwork embroidery, quilting or sewing projects. more»

  • Jesse James's buttons
    Creative and Fun Buttons

    We offer the highly demand Jesse James's Dress It Up Button and PatchLane's Fun Buttons at at resonable price. These lovely and fun buttons will spark up your bag and dress design. You can also use these creative assortments buttons for crafting, card making, quilting, sewing and scrapbooking projects. more»

  • Bag Accessories
    Bag Accessories

    PatchLane offer a wide variety of accessories for your purse, key chain and bag. You will be spoilt by the choices of eyelet, buckle, ring, clip, hook, snap button, chain or zip closure with different colors and sizes. A right accessories to your design will instantly enhance the visual apperances to your bag or purse and give your customer a WOW factor to order your creation. more»

  • Patchwork Tools
    Bag Making Tools

    Quality bag started with quality and reliable tools that make your work easy and faster. PatchLane offer tools ranging from needle threader, yo-yo maker, heads pin, allowance tracer, clips, patter tracer plastic sheet, tape maker thimble, needles and many more. With our experience in bag making, we source the most useful and the highest quality of tools to assit you in producing a bag you will be proud at. more»

  • Yarn Dyed
    Yarn Dyed and Patterned Fabrics

    We understand well the important of fabrics as the basic material for your bag or purse. We only source for the finest quality fabrics material to ensure your finish product will look exceptional quality and feel the different by the bag owner. We carried the Japanese Olympus brand which has almost 100 years of history in making unquestionable quality yarn dyed and we also represent the Daiwabo brand which has vibrant design. more»

  • Nylon cotton batting

    Wherethere is the batting, stabalizer or interlining, the secret of making the bag with the firm and look exclusive is our main consideration. PatchLane has the reputation to supply quality internal matrial with reliable constant supply. We hold many different classes of fabrics and at the sailing boat owner also source our material for their internal finishing. more»

  • coin purse
    Coin Purse

    We have stylish purse with frame and with zip for all occasions. You can order a ready handmade purse or the Do It Yourself set. more»

  • Lady Sue key chain
    Key Chain

    Lovely key chain as a special gift. Come in ready handmade set and Do It Yourself set. more»

  • handphone bag
    Handphone Bag

    Bag for handphone and small items. Come in ready handmade set and Do It Yourself set. more»

  • versatile bag
    Versatile Bag

    Multi purpose small utilities bag. Come in ready handmade set and Do It Yourself set. more»

  • large bag
    Large bag

    Bag for the office and shopping. Come in ready handmade set and Do It Yourself set. more»

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